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Choosing the right dentist for your family is an important decision. TOOTH PLANET is ready to give you the quality dental care you and your family deserve. Today's advances in dentistry allow us to blend art and science, creating beautiful, natural looking smiles. With state-of-the-art techniques, we have many options so that you have the information needed to make good choices about your oral health. At TOOTH PLANET, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our dentists, with the finest professional dental care team in order to provide top quality care for your teeth.
All of our dental professionals have undergone a rigorous training process to allow TOOTH PLANET to offer you the best level of care. These standards are maintained by continuous education programs for all our staff, so you can be sure your dentist is always working with the most up to date innovations in the field.
Our dentists, auxiliaries and receptionists, work together to deliver the highest standards of dentistry and exceptional customer care. At TOOTH PLANET, we continually evaluate the evidence behind our treatment protocols to ensure that you receive treatments which are scientifically proven to be effective.
We will provide you with high quality private dental care with a full range of general dentistry and in-house specialists. During your dental examination we will use digital intra-oral cameras, RVG (digital xray) to show you your teeth in detailed close up on our chair mounted flat screen monitors so that you can see what we see. This is so important so that you can make decisions about your dental treatment with confidence.
Dentist Saiful Alam Rone: One of the commonest dental conditions in the World, To where you have missing teeth when the latest dental implant technology can allow your teeth to be replaced with remarkably natural, long lasting alternatives. TOOTH PLANET delivers – technological breakthroughs with the evidence to back them up.
Our standard protocols include the control of any infection risks from dental procedures. We continually strive to ensure that we are completely up to date with our methods, equipment and techniques. Every instruments used are completely sterile.


Inviting and comfortable facilities await you at TOOTH PLANET with all the most advanced technologies to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of all dental procedures that we offer. Your oral health may be our highest concern, but so is your comfort and security. TOOTH PLANET team, firmly believes that good dental care should be relaxing in order to have the most desirable outcome.
It's been said that time is gold. And the professionals of TOOTH PLANET couldn't agree more to this age-old saying. It's been our goal since the beginning of our practice to serve patients like you with the most efficient solutions with great benefits. We aim to service you with the dental work you require when you need it.
On top of that, we pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in dental procedures in order to give you a wide array of options to choose from that would best cater to your needs and desires.
Best of all, we endeavor to reach out to our patients in every way possible and in turn encourage them to reach out to us whenever needed. We exhaust all means of communication available today to provide the patient care and follow up care that our patients need when they need it. We respond to inquiries and consultations as soon as possible because we realize how valuable time is, not only for us as professionals but for you as our clients as well.


TOOTH PLANET is comprised of warm, caring professionals who understand your needs and concerns. We make sure that your oral health is our top priority. But apart from that, we understand the importance of trust and faith and treat our patients accordingly. We value our patients and the TOOTH PLANET policy is that our patients are part of our family.
Another factor that we strongly believe in at the TOOTH PLANET dental clinic is being honest with our patients. One way or another, we are also at the receiving end of medical treatment and we can identify with your doubts and concerns. At TOOTH PLANET, honesty is the best policy.
We enjoy working hand-in-hand with our patients in delivering the dental services they require and accomplishing the aesthetic goals they demand. Our artistic team of consultants is highly approachable no matter what time of the day. Passion is the key ingredient in our study and practice of cosmetic dentistry, which is why the outcome of our work is always remarkable.

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